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THAC Superior winching technology incorporates a whole series of operating and safety features that will give you a competitive advantage. Winches feature compact dimension and lightweight construction. Electromagnetic spring-applied failsafe brake with a minimum static braking torque of 150% of rated lifting capacity provide instant and safety braking even in the event of power failure.  Inside the winch is high efficiency planetary gear trains for TA or TB series winch developing for maximum mechanical efficiency, A toughhelical gearing for TC series winch provides the professional solution of all your needs for hoisting, lowering and pulling applications


A direct control for TA/TB 300 and TA/TB 500 series winch incorporated a pendant switch with an emergency stop button for safety operation. The contactor control/24 VAC low voltage control winchrated above 750 kgf/50Hz or 600 kgf/60Hz are provided with an electric contactor control with push button up/down, emergency stop, main switch, and electric overload protection coming as standard.


The specific drum configurations of plain drum, extended drum, grooved drum, drum with two rope in opposite winding or drum with several ropes is a portfolio of electric winches that can be custom-built to suit a wide variety of application and environments.  


Minimum 15:1 drum diameter to rope diameter (D/d ratio), 5:1 wire rope breaking strength and Remaining 1.5 layers from the outer periphery of flange on the drum prevents rope from coming off the drum during use 



The electric wire rope winches are classified according to different drive groups, DIN 15020, FEM9.511, ISO4301/1. Winches meet Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and harmonize EN 14492-1 Power Driven Winches. "THAC" Explosion Proof Winch rated from 1,000 to 7,500 kgf meet the latest EU Directive ATEX 2014/34/EC Guidelines and apply to Ground II Gas Zone 2 and Dust Zone 21 & Zone 22.



A minimum of five (5) wraps of wire rope around the drum is necessary to support the rated load.

The winch is not to be used to lift, support or otherwise transport personnel

For lifting or lowering application, it is absolute necessary for the user to install an Up and Downs devices to meet CE Safety    Machinery Standard.

Products may look different upon modificatio. Specification, performance or dimension are subject to change without prior notices. THAC reserves te right to improve  
   our products at any time.


Each new winch is guaranteed again defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve (12) months from date of

Wire rope are not included under warranty