1988 Green Union Co., Ltd was established in Taipei city for designing and trading a wide range of electric wire rope hoist and

1996 Taiwan Hoist & Crane Co., Ltd was build up for specializing in manufacturing and
          marketing a wide range of lifting equipment such as hoist, winch and crane in Taipei, Taiwan.

1997 Received an official manufacturer license from Taiwan Authority and started in the design, manufacture, installation and
          after-sales service to the clients throughout the world.

2007 ISO 9001 certified.

2010 Moved to a new factory in Zhongli City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

2011 Received an official certificate of special hoist equipment from China Authority, that qualifies THAC hoist to meet the specific
           requirements of hoist in China

2012 ERP computer systems established for a series procedures of design, procurement, manufacture, marketing and parts

2013 Explosion-proof wire rope hoist was placed into the market

2015 The latest design of compact and light weight electric winch rated up to 7.5 tons enters the market and meets CE Machinery
          Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 14492-1: 2006 Power Driven Winches EN 14492-1

2017 Hydraulic planetary winch rated from 6,000 to 30,000 lbf for SAE ratings or 2,700 kgf to 9,000 kgf for EN 14492-1 ratings
          entered the market and meet CE  Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, harmonized 14492-1 Power
Driven Winches or SAJ J706 Rating of Winches for Intermittent Duty Winches

2017 Hydraulic Hoisting winch rated from 800 to 2,700 kgf enters the market and meet CE Machinery  Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 14492-1: 2006 Power Driven Winches or ASME/ANSI 30.7 Base-Mounted Hoists